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For most of Alan's life he either owned or managed markets and restaurants before embarking on a barbecue and salsa business in 2005. Alan felt the best way to succeed and be able to give the venture all of his efforts were to have less management responsibilities allowing him to focus completely on building a sauce and salsa business. He started working at a small market in the deli and meat departments with the owners giving Alan permission to obtain a commercial foods processor's license at the market so he could make and perfect his sauces after the store closed between 8:00 and midnight. Each morning Alan would peddle his goods one store at a time and be back to work at noon each day. After a year or so he rented a small shop with 400 sq ft, only to outgrow the space which forced him into a larger space of about 3000 sq ft. Alan's new building, half being a kitchen and the other half a warehouse, provides him with production and warehouse space capable of producing several hundred cases per week with expansion capabilities.

Since forming in 2005, Alan has been making barbecue sauces and gradually added several varieties of salsas. Alan then kept adding more barbecue sauces and went on to hot sauce, buffalo wing sauce and pasta sauce. Today there are more than 50 flavors and sizes available. Lots of molasses and brown sugar make the sauces extra special and rich and tasty. Alan's products can be found in many small and large grocery stores and meat markets throughout New England and Upstate New York. His sauces are still cooked in small kettle batches with the temperatures brought up quickly to retain the maximum freshness and flavor. By cooking the sauces in small batches they are quickly taken up to the proper temperature and bottled to ensure an unmatched freshness.

We do pallet shipments for meat markets, small and large markets, supermarket chains and distributors.

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